You have a clear need, possibly already an idea…

Your idea may be totally “off the top” or an improvement to a existing display product. Together we can compose, design and produce tailor made solutions. We produce new, innovative and individual POP/POS display solutions to meet all the needs of our customers.

Tell us the purpose and the objective of the solution you are looking for. We take your hopes, product restrictions and the whole competitive scene into account. We refine your needs to an idea that matches your brand or corporate image. The idea gets its shape, proportions, materials and finally its realization.

Already in the design phase we take the usability, the functionality and the quality of the solution into account. Bespoke customer requirements can be viewed using CAD technology before production begins. Also the easy manageability, logistics and the simple installation are a part of the quality of the product.

SP-Extra has a vast knowledge about materials and technical design. Our working subcontractor network and our comprehensive import gives us the possibilities to realize even the most demanding solutions cost efficiently.